Tactics to Engage Customers through SMS Marketing

Tactics to Engage Customers through SMS Marketing

In mobile marketing, text messaging or SMS has a high rate of engagements and customer engagement drives sales and revenues. Rather than focusing on price, try to build a rapport with the customers based on product quality, emotions and experience.

To retain customers, it’s pivotal to utilize SMS Marketing in an impact and impressive way. Moreover, it is advantageous to increase your number of potential customers as well.

Therefore, below mentioned are some of the impact tactics or strategies of SMS marketing to engage customers and new prospects.


To take the advantages of SMS marketing, your tactics should be clear yet attractive for the customers. One of the ways through which you engage the customers is by offering them lucrative and exclusive offers and deals. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the easiest tactics, which will persuade the customers to subscribe to the offer. Additionally, the offer should be unique and exclusive to attract most of the customers.


If you share insider information with the customers, then the customer will feel more connected or attached to your brand. Sending the SMS to the subscribers or potential customers will definitely be advantageous for the company. For Example, special announcement messages relevant to the product or services will be appealing for the customers and it will increase the engagements as well.


Contests and campaigns are another way to attract and engage the customers towards your brand. It’s crucial to focus text and messages regarding the contest alert or campaigns. The text-to-win contest messages are simple and appealing for the customers or new prospects to participate in it. To spread the word about the contest or campaign, you can simply utilize the power of regular SMS marketing strategy.


To directly engage the customers through SMS marketing, polls and surveys are absolutely beneficial for the business. The text messages related to surveys, reviews and polls regarding the products and services of your brand will make the customers feel more invested and satisfied. Polls and surveys are certainly impact on the customers as they can easily express their opinions without even thinking twice.

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Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites


Social bookmarking has become the choice of a large majority of digital marketers when it comes to off-page SEO strategies. The main benefit of top 10 social bookmarking sites is that it allows digital marketers to target a large chunk audience by creating numerous backlinks and that too for free. This is a proven tactic to generate traffic and brand promotion. Therefore, these qualities make social bookmarking a very efficient SEO strategy.

Bookmarking sites host huge number of visitors every single day. These websites usually appear on top of search engines page results when the user enters relevant search details. The user then visits these sites to find details about the product or details.

Off-page optimization is as important as on-page optimization. However, you must start with on-page SEO and then proceed to off-page SEO. Those who are beginning with SEO must know indexation strategies of their blog or website in search engines. Seek Digital Academy is a provider of SEO Course in Delhi. They can very well teach you the basic and advanced skills of both on and off page SEO.

Indexing your blog or website on big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is all the easier with social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is particularly useful in promotion and branding.

Here are the top 10 social bookmarking sites:

  1. PINTEREST: Pinterest has some of the most staggering statistics. The average monthly user base is upwards of 180 million. Till date, over 50 billion pins have appeared on this social bookmarking site.
  2. BIZSUGAR: Bizsugar values original, high-quality content related to marketing, business, and startup culture. This platform can be used to provide the required push to your business.
  3. REDDIT: Everything is found on Reddit. Bookmarks are created by users’ comments. Other users can upvote or down vote the content. Millions of users are active on Reddit therefore it’s the best bookmarking site for quickly promoting your brand.
  4. TWITTER: Everyone uses Twitter. It might not be your choice of bookmarking site but the traffic on it is very beneficial for content. If users find your content useful, relevant, and interesting, they might share or retweet it which is very beneficial for the popularity of your content and brand as well.
  5. DRIBBLE: Designers find this website particularly useful because of its ability to create numerous backlinks.
  6. DELICIOUS: It is a simple and intuitive bookmarking site for generating quick traffic.
  7. DIGG: Captivating content gets the right treatment at Digg. Digg users are very loyal and they hardly switch to any other bookmarking site once they get used to it.
  8. FOLKD: Folkd has a search bar which is pretty much similar to a search engine. The results are presented in a simple form which makes it easier for the user to draw conclusions from it.
  9. WE HEART IT: A large majority of users on We Heart It are women. Great visual content is available here.
  10. STUMBLEUPON: This is a popular bookmarking site mainly because of its intuitive user interface.

So, these are the top 10 social bookmarking sites. All this may seem like a piece of cake but it actually isn’t. You need proper knowledge to execute off-page SEO. Seek Digital Academy is one of the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi to learn about off-page SEO. They also teach how bookmarking websites can become your prime weapon for off-page digital marketing.

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