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The present age is marked by the technological advancements across the industries which produced some of the unique businesses models. Such unique and innovative business models have led to the emergence of new fields and job roles. Digital marketing is one such example that came into existence not more than a decade ago. The digital technology first attracted the businessmen to digitalize their advertising and marketing and today digital marketing forms their backbone. As much hype about digital marketing is being created around the globe, new job profiles such as digital marketing manager, seo executive, content writing, and social media manager are in great demands. Ten years ago, nobody knew digital marketing itna chalega ki sab kuch badal dega.

But, the proliferation in digital marketing roles brought a fierce competition in the job market. The skills that were new a few years ago are now old-school skills. Thousands of digital marketers are going here and there in search of jobs having a CV with limited skills. To get an edge over the competitors in job market, one should upgrade his skills and deepen his expertise in hard core digital marketing. Starting with professional training of Google Adwords can really complement your current skills and give a major boost to your career. At Seek Digital Academy, we offer short-term Google Adwords course taaki aap rahe apni tarakki ke lye tayyar.

With us, you will learn all aspects of Google Pay Per Click Ads along with some of the best tips and tricks to drive the local as well as global visitors straight to the websites. Besides helping you in acquiring the technical skills, we prepare you to get a job as PPC expert, Google Ads Executive, and as an all-rounder digital marketing expert.

Who are your faculty members?
At Seek Digital Academy, we ensure the quality training in Google Adwords and only employ the expert and experienced professionals in industry so that you learn only the best from the best.
Do you provide study material during the course?
We provide you customized and well-structured training modules and e-books which will help you understand the concepts better.
Are extra classes available for Google Adwords course?
Though we guarantee you one-on-one attention in the regular classes, we can also arrange extra classes for you where you can clarify your doubts with the teachers.
How can you help in finding a job?
We help you develop interpersonal and communication skills and provide you with complete guidance in resume preparation and interview preparation. We also have a dedicated placement support department that will help you in securing a job of your dream.


  • Overview of Google Ads
  • Landing Page Designing and Significance
  • Google Adwords Account Setup & Management
  • Keywords Research & Using Keywords Planner
  • Creation of Ad and Ad Group
  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Tracking & Optimizing Ad Perform
  • Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns
  • Tests and Assessment
  • Google Ads Tools and Commands
  • Ad Groups and Campaigns Creations
  • Ad Bidding & Management
  • Filtering Ads
  • Targeting Audiences


  • brandmetrics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Altitude Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

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