Social Media Marketing Course


Be it Social Media Influencer or Social Media Marketer— we back-up your big dreams with professional SMM training!

At Seek Digital Academy, your dreams are not only yours, but our mission, too. Whether you want to secure a high-paying job in a world-class social media marketing company or want to become a renowned social media influencer, we are right here to guide and support you whole-heartily in your efforts to accomplish your career goals. Offering the best social media marketing courses in Delhi, we empower all nojavan of our nation and make them men-at-arms to combat the agile competition in social media marketing.

If you ever compare the career in social media marketing to SEO or SEM, you may find it a bit tricky and full of unexpected turns! In fact, Career tedha hai, lekin us tedhe career mae b sukoon pana sirf kuch logo ko ata hai! So, if making businesses thrive, engage with people online, creating the brand awareness, and most importantly, understanding the psyche and behavior of online audience is your passion, then building up a career in social media marketing will be a cakewalk. All you need for this is the right guidance and timely assistance and Seek Digital Academy provides you exactly with this!

How can social media marketing course amp-up my career?
We offer short-term Social Media Marketing course to give wings to your long-term career goals. The course is carefully designed with a purpose to equip the quick learners with the most essential social media management skills like strategy planning, community management, creative mindset, and analytical skills, allowing them to make a trailblazing entry into the world of social networking.
What will I learn from this course?
The curriculum of this one-month course is developed by our certified social media experts ensuring that our students are taught the basic and advanced social media practices, strategies, and technologies. The study material is well-curated for the learners that upskill their basic understanding of social media algorithms and gain the relevant traffic from different social media platforms during their professional journey.
What makes your SMMMM course unique?
We invest our invaluable resources and time in the personal development of our students as well throughout the course duration. Brushing up their communication and leadership skills, we prepare skilled and confident social media professionals who meet the current as well as future requirements of the growing businesses nationwide.
I’m in for this course, but got a few questions before I enroll.
If you’re also excited to kick-start your career in social media marketing, then wait kyu karna? Apply karo for social media marketing course at Seek Digital Academy and go future ready! For more information, contact us at info@seekdigitalacademy.com.

Social Media Marketing Course at Seek Digital Academy:

  • Introduction to social media marketing
  • Social Media Research
  • Paid vs. Organic Social Media
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Social Media Blogging
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Community Management
  • Setting up Ad Campaigns
  • Targeting Options
  • Bidding & Budget
  • Reports Analysis


  • brandmetrics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Altitude Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

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