Tactics to Engage Customers through SMS Marketing

Tactics to Engage Customers through SMS Marketing

In mobile marketing, text messaging or SMS has a high rate of engagements and customer engagement drives sales and revenues. Rather than focusing on price, try to build a rapport with the customers based on product quality, emotions and experience.

To retain customers, it’s pivotal to utilize SMS Marketing in an impact and impressive way. Moreover, it is advantageous to increase your number of potential customers as well.

Therefore, below mentioned are some of the impact tactics or strategies of SMS marketing to engage customers and new prospects.


To take the advantages of SMS marketing, your tactics should be clear yet attractive for the customers. One of the ways through which you engage the customers is by offering them lucrative and exclusive offers and deals. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the easiest tactics, which will persuade the customers to subscribe to the offer. Additionally, the offer should be unique and exclusive to attract most of the customers.


If you share insider information with the customers, then the customer will feel more connected or attached to your brand. Sending the SMS to the subscribers or potential customers will definitely be advantageous for the company. For Example, special announcement messages relevant to the product or services will be appealing for the customers and it will increase the engagements as well.


Contests and campaigns are another way to attract and engage the customers towards your brand. It’s crucial to focus text and messages regarding the contest alert or campaigns. The text-to-win contest messages are simple and appealing for the customers or new prospects to participate in it. To spread the word about the contest or campaign, you can simply utilize the power of regular SMS marketing strategy.


To directly engage the customers through SMS marketing, polls and surveys are absolutely beneficial for the business. The text messages related to surveys, reviews and polls regarding the products and services of your brand will make the customers feel more invested and satisfied. Polls and surveys are certainly impact on the customers as they can easily express their opinions without even thinking twice.

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10 P’s of Digital Marketing

10 P’s of Digital Marketing


Tradition is something which is followed by people till date but has its roots deep in the past. Traditions often have a meaning attached to them and generate tried and tested results. Everyone has heard of the 4 P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion and these will never go away. Also, advertising, PR, branding, and communication will always be a part of the marketing toolbox.

Nothing can replace the traditional style of marketing but a digital era has started which has given birth to a new tradition called digital marketing. Digital marketing training in Delhi teaches how digital marketers leverage the power of the internet to promote their product and brand via channels like e-mail, search marketing, banner ads, and websites and so on.

Social media goes hand in hand with digital marketing. It is used to help brands build meaningful connections with clients, customers, potential customers, and investors.

Internet is the first place where people go in case they want some service or product. The customer might not even consider you if they don’t see your business on the internet. Zero Moments Of Truth is what this concept is generally called. Potential customers must find you on the internet and SEO (search engine optimization) is the first step towards building this presence.

To be popular, brands must communicate with their potential customers and clients. The main objective here is to create an everlasting impression on the minds of the customers.

With so many digital marketing tools available, it is important to know which tools are truly beneficial for the business. By keeping in mind the 10 Ps of digital marketing, your business can truly reap the benefits of digital marketing.

  1. PERSONA: Every brand has some characteristics which make it unique. Identify those characteristics and include them throughout the digital marketing campaign.
  2. PARTICIPATION: Simply posting pictures on social media is not enough. As a brand, you must indulge in conversations with the fans. Customers prefer brands which respond to them and make sure to use the channel which your fan base feels most comfortable using.
  3. PERSONALIZATION: Targeting and segmenting is the key here. Randomly posting anything will only add to the cost. Instead, research what your customers want and feed them exactly what they want.
  4. PEOPLE: The footfall at your store could be great but the digital marketing campaign should target only those people who actually want to buy.
  5. PRESENCE: Creating a website is the first step towards marking your presence. Therefore, create a wonderful and interactive website which encourages people to buy something from you and give you repeat business.
  6. PREVALENCE: This basically means that your brand should be present at all the relevant places.
  7. PUBLICATION: Posting too much can annoy the customers and too less may make them disinterested in your brand. Therefore, time your posts and leave the customers wanting for more.
  8. PLACEMENT: It is very important to place your brand in such a way that it shows up on the internet every time someone searches a product or service relevant to the industry in which you operate.
  9. POSITIONING: Positioning is basically ensuring that the customer considers your product before making a final purchase decision.
  10. PERFORMANCE: Always set metrics to gauge the performance of the digital marketing campaign. Set objectives and standards and compare the actual performance with standards to find out the performance.

These were the 10 Ps of digital marketing. Seek Digital Academy is one of the best internet marketing institute in Delhi which teaches numerous other digital marketing concepts that are very helpful in bringing your brand into limelight.

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